Providing quality interactive performances/workshops featuring  African drumming, dancing, singing and story telling  for The Community, Festivals,  Business corporate, Schools, Work Shops, Tafes, Universities, Hotels, Parties and Weddings, Trade shows, Exhibitions, Agricultural shows.

Joseph Matovu African Drummer is a passionate Creative Musician, Team builder, effective communication Specialist, Lead vocalist , Dance Instructor/choreographer, African Musical Therapist , Motivation Speaker, Community Support Worker / Mental Health Worker at Personal Support Worker , Network Engineer and Director at African Drummer.He performs at all types of events Weddings, corporate functions, University events, Community events, road shows, product launches, cocktail hours, Schools, Aged care events , concerts, trade shows , festivals, exhibitions, house concerts, parties, etc. He has played and performed with a number of notable musicians and he performs solo as well as with other  performers and dancers from his crew according to your requirement.He brings a quality  memorable interactive performance for you.



African Drummer combines the drumming skills of African traditional tribal culture with a strong passion for entertaining, relaxing, empowering, and teaching. We present culture and our major aim is to promote health and well-being through music, dance and drama. We promote effective therapies  responding to Mental illness and other ailments. We do interactive drumming, dancing, singing and story telling performances for the Community, Festivals,  Business Corporates, Schools, Tafes, Universities, Hotels, Parties and Weddings, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Private Events, Product launch




Our main objective is to promote health and well-being through Music , dance and Drama.We promote effective African transforming mechanisms.We hunt for stress , trauma, social exclusion and wounds at heart.We use both traditional and modern therapies.We target Mental Health conditions and other ailments .We have the best Precussion,String and wood instrument. These combined with  great vocal skills , individualised/holistic approach will be  great.


Through the team building program, African Drummer focuses on overcoming
commuricationbariers to maximize productivity and teamwork. Your staffwill be
able to produce music together andget to knoweach other on a personal level. Our
program focuses on boosting self-esteem, confidence andenjoyment
African Drummer will provide drums for your team
Our team building program focuses on:
• Empowering• Reductionofstress
• Promotingoffocus andconcentration
Promoting of overcoming communication bamiers
Working together in a team Co-workers will get to know each other on a morepersonal level and this will improve
the overall communication in the workplace. The workshop will give participants a
new experience that will help them think outside the box while producing music of
mutual enjoyment. The participants leam about other cultures which will give them
insight into working alongside people of other ethnicities.
The staff will get to leam about the concept of the teamwork andthe master drum. In
this context the master drum is actually the smallest drum of all the drums, and once
the rhythm of this drum changes then the rhythmof all other drums follows. Just as in
the work place the sta ff will have to listento the teamlea der in order to participate
The staff will develop innovative skills through the music while leaming African
sayings that will help them build resilience, patience, work ethic and cooperation.



Through our great professionalism we shall help you achieve a joyful event. As you sit back with your guests , we shall play nice authentic African music and songs that will help you relax. If required, we shall also come with a few drums and instruments that will be played by the people at the event and thus work together and produce wonderful music for the day as a team.

We shall do interactive drumming, singing, dance and story telling. We could also do a team building program whereby we will share drums or musical instruments and thus produce music as a team. This is a very great tool of releasing stress and team building.

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All Ages & Levels


You will learn Ugandan and African dances .These particular dances and rhythms have been passed through generations and they are wonderful body postures that help improve balance, coordination, fitness and reduce stress. They are also a great team building tools and will help improve self esteem. 
In most of our dances you learn to dance with your waist, pelvis and the feet,  while the chest and shoulders wouldn’t be moving. You will learn how to dance with your lower body while the above part of the body is still.



 Joseph was born in a traditional Ugandan family.  Tribal and Christian music has always been a part of my family, owing to the absence of toys and TVs during my childhood, I started drumming at a very young age.  Our childhood evening camp fires included drumming, singing, dancing and story telling.  The two tiny drums went around our small group of 10-20 children, with the guidance of professional drummers, dancers and storytellers who usually turned up at these gathering.  I picked up professional tactics and the passion for music and African Drumming.Traditional stories was another activity they performed for us. In school I furthered my music and passion and was chosen to be the “Choir Master”.  We held different school competitions both local and national, we won Triumphantly.   I have performed at various cultural events and ceremonies  E.g. Birthdays, Engagement Parties, Naming Ceremonies, Weddings, Corporate functions, Festivals, Churches schools and Universitie Joseph is now residing in Brisbane Australia teaching African Drumming, Dance and Culture.   

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Setting The Right Scene

Team Building can be perfect for this. Through our great professionalism we shall help you achieve this. As you sit back with your guests , we shall play nice African rhythms and songs that will help you relax. If required , we shall also come with a few drums and instruments that will be played by your staff. Thus collaborating and producing wonderful music as a team for mutual enjoyment while getting to know each other on a personal



Are you looking for a professional Drummer for your event, recording session, or ensemble? Joseph Matovu African Drummer has got what it takes to deliver the right kind of tunes everyone will love listening to. Get in touch to learn more about their musical styles, repertoire, rates and available dates.

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PH: +61 424 441 198

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